About Festen

Helge is celebrating his sixtieth birthday in his family hotel. His wife Else, son Christian, daughter Helene and a group of relatives gather for a big party. His second son Michael is not invited. Nevertheless, he arrives at the hotel with his wife and daughter. The big absent is daughter Linda, who shortly before committed suicide… Read More

Previous Plays

The New Continent - 2022

It’s 2035. The inititators of ‘The Greenland Project’ sold shares to people who, by buying shares, also became owners of a piece of land in Greenland. All participants long for a new start...


(De)Humanize - 2019

From Gilgamesj to Odysseus and Achilles, human history is filled with stories about the longing to be immortal. We want to be in control of who we are, what we are, and how we improve ourselves...

Outsiders - 2018

A group of people locked up behind fences. Against their will. They are waiting. When the opportunity arises to leave, the question arises whether they can go back to what and who they left behind...

About ITCE

International Theatre Collective Eindhoven (ITCE) makes theatre productions for an international audience. The topics of the plays match with current themes that are recognizable for both internationals and locals. The diversity of the international community is seen as a source of wealth for developing our plays. Read More…

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