Active Bystander Workshop, ‘Festen’ style

Sunday 3 March 2024

Ever regretted not acting when you should have? Later, you think, “I should’ve spoken up or done something.” Things go too fast, and you’re left with a feeling of regret. You wonder what you could have said or done but didn’t. When you witness something unfair but feel stuck, it’s tough to act. Let’s do something about it.

The artistic leader of ITCE, the director of our next production, FESTEN, shares his deeply personal story. After attending a delightful music festival in Eindhoven, he walked towards his bike. With a smile he thought of the dancing moves he made during the festival, with his hand still a little vulnerable after a recent hand injury. He needed to be careful. As he approached the parking lot a few random boys whose taunts sliced through the festive air. Despite him ignoring them, they got closer and started pushing him. He tried to defend himself protecting his arm. It was an impossible situation. Surely, someone would step in, he thought, drawing confidence from the onlookers’ presence. Someone will intervene, he thought. But nobody did. By sheer coincidence, he managed to get away.

Join us for a special workshop with ITCE, Bibliotheek Eindhoven, and Fairspace. Discover the bystander effect in all kinds of surprising ways with scenes from the play ‘Festen’ by Vinterberg, explained by the actors themselves. This play, coming to PandP in Eindhoven in March 2024, explores how families handle tricky situations. It’s not just about the good and bad guys; it’s also about bystanders who feel stuck. Learn together about making a difference when you see something wrong. Don’t miss out on this unique experience.

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